#Obamagate: “Watergate was a minor event in comparison”

Politics February 7, 2018

The United States is incredibly unique in that it does not have a domestic security service akin to Britain’s MI5 — something we would view as un-American.

Yet somehow under President Obama, our highest law enforcement and intelligence agencies were subverted to become weapons of political warfare.

As additional details of Obamagate unravel, a clear fact pattern has emerged. From Fast & Furious; to the IRS and its targeting of conservative groups; to the unmasking scandal; and the weaponizing of the Department of Justice and FBI to unlawfully spy on an American citizen, the Obama administration repeatedly abused its power.

Our intelligence agencies — the most powerful in the world — disregarded the constitutional protections afforded to Americans for nothing more than political expediency.

If we are not a nation governed by the rule of law, than we have nothing.

And the sacrifices and triumphs of 1776 were for naught.

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