Remember the true meaning of 2nd Amendment after mass shootings

Politics February 16, 2018

In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, we must remember that there are three factions in society who misuse guns:

Criminals, terrorists, and the mentally unstable.

Sadly, those who wish to commit acts of evil will do so using any means necessary, as we’ve seen before in countless terrorists attacks that employ bombs, poisons, and even automobiles to wreak destruction.

We must remember, even after such tragedies, that America is unique and special.

Our 2nd Amendment has a very specific purpose: and it’s not to ensure the hunting of dovetails nor even meant to afford us protection from common criminals. Rather, it is intended as a safeguard against tyranny.

Let’s not forget that the Nazi regime disarmed the Jewish people and others deemed enemies of the state for a reason.

Guns are your last protection against those who wish to take your rights away from you.

When stripped of the right to defend oneself, we are no longer citizens, but rather, subjects and prisoners.