Why Russia is “no friend” to America, or the world

Politics February 20, 2018

With an aging population, limited industry, and a GDP dwarfed by that of the US, Russia is not a strategic threat.

It is, however, a spoiler, and a destabilizing force in the world.

Whether it’s through interference in the Middle East or classic Soviet-style disinformation campaigns — something Vladimir Putin is most skilled at, as a former KGB officer — Russia is, indeed, no friend.

Here are two essential resources to help explain the current situation:

While focused on activity in Ukraine and its impact on Latvia, this studypublished by the National Defence Academy of Latvia is nevertheless required reading on the new generation of Russian warfare and information operations.

Likewise, Lt. Col. Timothy Thomas (retired) is also a go-to source for anyone interested in learning how Russia attempts to control its adversaries and compel them to do its bidding.

PLUS: Stay tuned for my forthcoming series, “Russia, Friend or Foe.”

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